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Are you aware of the importance of furnishing your workplace and surroundings properly? For 24-hour workstations, it is essential to get a professional design plan. After all, designing and furnishing control rooms and alarm centres is a specialist subject.

We have considerable experience with all kinds of situations in numerous industries. The food sector and steel industry are just two examples. So rely on an expert to furnish your industrial control room and opt for Ergo-Lab.

Ergonomic furniture

Clearly, you want to furnish a workplace comfortably, but it also needs to enable your employees to perform optimally at all times, especially in critical situations. So it might be time to refurbish your industrial control room.

The control room employees need to concentrate intensely on their work, so that they detect problems fast in case of an alarm. Ergo-Lab develops ergonomic furniture for operators in various branches of industry, with benefits for their health and well-being at work. This is especially important when furnishing an industrial control room. We make monitoring of your infrastructure even easier – and that makes it more effective, too.

On the way to a healthy workplace

Ergonomics are an essential aspect of furnishing an alarm centre or control room. Operators who often work nights and guard the factory need to keep track of the entire situation visually at all times. That enables them to take immediate action if a critical situation should occur.

An ergonomic workstation, complete with an adjustable desk, is the basic element in the design of an industrial control room. It has been proved that an ergonomically furnished office environment helps to make all the activities there run more smoothly and safely. We have experts at hand to support you at every step of the ergonomic process.


Need advice on furnishing an industrial control room?

We are happy to support organisations and companies of all sizes in creating a healthy and ergonomic workplace. Are you curious to find out the best ergonomic solution for your workplace? One that complies with all the latest standards? Contact us for advice with no obligations. We will be delighted to design the furnishings for your industrial control room.