Fire brigade keeps a cool head in the alarm centre

Operators in the fire brigade control room need to have everything close at hand. They have to keep track of everything and be ready to intervene at any time, whenever they are needed. The entire alarm centre must be furnished to meet the operators’ needs. That means an adjustable desk, a 24-hour chair and enough space for several screens.

So the furnishings of a fire brigade control room really matter. We provide the ideal ergonomic office furnishings. Our specialists come up with a solution that enables everyone to focus on their work. That way, every fire brigade operator can make the right decision instantly in a critical situation.

Comfortable working conditions for every colleague

The fire brigade needs to process a lot of information in a short time. To respond quickly, you need an exceptional workplace. A workplace that keeps you alert. One where you can easily keep track of everything and focus on your tasks. . That is only possible with our ergonomic office furnishings.

In a fire brigade alarm centre, no one has a fixed desk. But everyone can work comfortably at an Ergo-Lab workstation. It’s easy to alternate between sitting and standing as well, which is really good for your health. And when you’re sitting down, you’re sitting on an ergonomic office chair. In short, we design offices that can cope with tough demands.

Plenty of experience under their belts

We work in every sector, so we have also experience with furnishing fire brigade control rooms. Everything starts with a plan that brings together all your wishes and our advice. Together, we work out the best possible ergonomic complete furnishing plan that will last for many years.

A control room coordinates calls to the fire brigade. So keeping track of everything is a matter of life and death. Our designers help you organise everything for optimal ergonomics, so that the fire brigade operators can concentrate properly at all times.


Rely on Ergo-Lab to design your fire brigade control room

From design to installation, we provide the ideal furnishings for a fire brigade control room. Are you ready for a new alarm centre? Turn to our experts for support. Contact us and be impressed by our specialist knowledge.