The airport sector has checked in

Everyone knows how busy an airport can get. It is a daunting task to monitor and control all those aeroplanes. So all the airport services work together carefully and intensively to ensure everything runs smoothly every day.

With our state-of-the-art workspaces, airport operators get the support they need to do their extensive range of tasks. Find out below why our specialists are the ideal partners for furnishing an airport control room.

The route to ergonomics

An airport is a workplace unlike anywhere else. Aeroplanes and passengers are constantly coming and going. This complex situation demands great efforts from everyone who works at the airport. A central control room is absolutely vital to keep an eye on what is going on everywhere, at all times. And how that airport control room is furnished is crucial.

The control room at an airport is a place where various departments work together. Ergonomic furnishings give your employees the chance to do their work responsibly every day. Because they can work in optimal conditions, they also do their job more efficiently.

Teamwork made easy

Maximum focus is needed in an airport control room. So workplaces like these require certain basic equipment to keep productivity as high as possible at all times. That means furnishings such as ergonomic desks with 24-hour chairs. The aim is to create workspaces that are fully adapted to different users and suitable for working with several screens. Furnishing airport control rooms in this way makes them eminently fit for purpose.

As an ergonomics specialist, we install compact workstations with sufficient space for all the screens. That makes it easy for all operators to monitor all activities, visualising them on different screens. And there’s more: with ergonomic furnishings, all the operators can decide for themselves how they want to set up and use their workstation.


A high-tech airport control room thanks to Ergo-Lab

Thanks to our ergonomic workstations, airport operators have access to all the information they need, right when they need it. Furnishing an airport control room is completely under control with Ergo-Lab.

We look forward to developing custom full furnishing for your company as well. Draw inspiration from these finished cases and find the right tools for your office. Contact us to explore all the possibilities.