Svenstol® Office X5

  • Especially designed for 24/7 use in control rooms
  • Encourages movement while concentrating and working at a monitor
  • Individually adjustable for both large people and small, light users
  • With an extra-large angle of tilt that makes it easy to lean over backwards
  • Easily adjustable with clear buttons and handy sitting instructions accessed with a QR code

The Svenstol X5 is a 24-hour chair that is fantastically comfortable to sit in, especially designed for workplaces such as control rooms and alarm centres where office chairs are used 24/7 by different people. The chair is designed to offer permanent support and comfort.

The pleasant sitting position avoids strain on the lower back area (lumbar spine). Your shoulders and neck (cervical spine) also get the support they need. In addition, the Svenstol encourages an active sitting position. The ActivePlus mechanism keeps you moving slightly all the time. That activates the muscles in your abdomen and lower back to keep your spine in as natural a shape as possible. In other words, it puts anatomically appropriate strain on your back. This reduces neck, shoulder and back problems, and your blood circulation gets the stimulation it needs.

The seat, back rest and reinforced adjustable arm rests are suitable for a wide variety of users (tall, short, light, heavy, etc.). All the parts of the chair are adjustable, with the chair’s tilt mechanism ensuring you can sit up straight without much effort. The inflatable lower back rest allows you to adjust support for that area to suit your own needs. The chair is very sturdy and hard-wearing. The technology in the stool is also extra-robust, and the upholstery can cope with intensive use.

Like the S5, the Svenstol X5 is available in different versions, with a range of options. Essentially, you can create your own chairs. The strong base with six feet (diameter 72 cm) can bear weights of up to 150 kg. The chair can be equipped with an extra-strong movement mechanism with a static load-bearing capacity of up to 230 kg. The 8 cm thick ComfortPlus cushions combine the sitting comfort of a car seat with the ergonomic requirements of a workplace. The X5 has a strikingly elegant design and an extra-large angle of tilt. Lean back and look at things from a different perspective while taking the strain off your muscles and intervertebral discs, tilting by an extremely large angle of 44 degrees.

Best of all, experience the Svenstol X5 for yourself: request a trial chair or read the brochure.

Type of chair

executive chair

Maximum carrying capacity

150 kg (adjustable up to 250 kg)

Minimum standard seat height

up to 42-45 cm

Maximum standard seat height

up to 52-56 cm

Seat tilt angle - negative

Seat tilt angle - positive


Additional opening/tilting



3D adjustable

Modular structure


Base diameter

72 cm

Warranty for 24/7 use

5 years

Warranty for 8-12 hours usage/day

15 years

Seat depth adjustment

10 cm


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