The maritime sector is on board

The maritime sector demands unrivalled precision, safety and efficiency, particularly in control rooms where complex operations are coordinated. Control rooms will always be the place where it all happens. People work there around the clock, and constant focus is required. That makes it so important for maritime operators to be able to work in a highly ergonomic setting.

Here at Ergo-Lab, as your reliable partner for optimising ergonomics in your maritime control room, we understand that better than anyone. We specialise in furnishing control rooms in the maritime sector.

A comfortable 24-hour workplace

Maritime control rooms are in action 24 hours a day, seven days a week. This level of activity demands robust, fully equipped workstations. After all, your employees’ productivity and well-being are your top priority. Maritime operators need to be alert and concentrate on their work at all times. So ergonomics are of inestimable value. Creating a fully customised workplace is crucial to the success of maritime operations.

High performance and ergonomics go hand in hand

To furnish maritime control rooms, you need desks with sufficient space for several monitors. A maritime operator’s specific tasks demand a fully equipped workstation.

What makes an ideal ergonomic working environment stand out from the rest are desks at the perfect height and correctly adjusted screens so that nobody suffers physical complaints. You also need robust chairs suitable for prolonged periods of use, which can be easily adjusted. That way every maritime operator can enjoy ergonomic well-being.


Take the plunge with Ergo-Lab for your control room in the maritime sector

As an innovative partner, we analyse your ergonomic needs to furnish a control room in the maritime sector. We develop a personal ergonomic design that will help your maritime operators to work more efficiently, with less stress and strain.

Contact us now and find out how we can optimise your maritime control room with top-quality ergonomic solutions. From design to installation, we are on board to furnish the control room of your maritime business.