• Equipped with an ERGO TOP® seat that encourages active sitting
  • Height-adjustable back rest with 8 different positions
  • 4D adjustable arm rests capable of offering everyone the right support
  • Available with a net-weave or upholstered back rest

Experience the comfort of ergonomics with the Lezgo Orange 72, an ideal chair for your workplace. What makes this high-quality office chair special is its ergonomic design intended to reduce or avoid back and neck problems.

The innovative ERGO TOP® seat, developed in collaboration with the Department of Ergonomics at the Technical University of Munich, gives you the freedom to move 360°, which keeps you in constant motion. You can compare it to dynamic sitting on an exercise ball.

Sitting like this helps you keep your body’s horizontal and vertical centres of gravity in constant balance. That trains your back muscles and brings nutrients to the intervertebral discs. What is more, this unique seating concept ensures that you adopt an active, upright sitting position. So it’s all a matter of preventing back problems, despite sitting for long periods, and integrating as much movement as possible into sitting itself.

Effortlessly adapt the chair to your size with the adjustable, synchronous mechanism, weight setting and seat depth adjustment. Also available with an extra Shukra system (depth-adjustable lumbar support).

It’s essential to experience the Löffler Lezgo Orange 72 for yourself. Request a quote for the finish of your choice or ask for a free trial chair.

Type of chair

ergonomic office chair

Maximum carrying capacity

120 kg

Minimum standard seat height

up to 42-45 cm

Maximum standard seat height

up to 52-56 cm

Seat tilt angle - negative

seat pivots

Seat tilt angle - positive

seat pivots

Additional opening/tilting



4D adjustable

Modular structure


Base diameter

67 cm

Warranty for 24/7 use

5 years

Warranty for 8-12 hours usage/day

15 years

Seat depth adjustment

5 cm


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