Furnishing a control room in Liège

The creation of this control room in Liège is part of an overall project at 11 different sites for a Belgian telecom player*.

Along with our partner Knürr® Consoles – A Vertiv Company, we replaced 26 old control room desks with poor cabling. We also altered and optimised the layout of the room. Because ergonomics and sustainability are what we’re all about, we took back all the old desks, including the cables, for refurbishment.

Fast completion

Thanks to good preparation and the right approach, we managed to complete this project within two weeks (10 working days). We demolished the old control room desks one by one, installing new ones that are designed especially for 24/7 use. They offer maximum stability and a long lifespan.

Full-option 24/7 desks

All the 24/7 desks were carefully installed and made fully operational with features including:

  • appropriate lighting,
  • height-adjustable desktops,
  • screens that can be fully adjusted backwards and forwards (in depth),
  • patch panels and cabling,
  • inbuilt radio sets and other equipment.

In short, they had everything we could give them to meet the highest standards, including safety standards, which will apply in the future. That way we can guarantee that these desks will be usable for at least 20 years. And that’s a considerable advantage, given the social impact of a control room environment where safety and well-being come first.

Ergo-Lab as advisor

Last but not least, Ergo-Lab remains available as an advisor, with more than 20 years as a specialist in ergonomics. We will run ergonomics training, for instance, for both individuals and the whole team, complete with refresher sessions to guarantee the high-quality, sustainable and healthy working environment at the new control room in Liège.

* We have not included the name of our client for reasons linked to the privacy legislation.


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