Complete furnishing of financial services office with a focus on creating trust

Ergo-Lab was entrusted with taking the overall experience of this financial services office to a higher level for clients and visitors. So we designed a total concept for their office interior, with ‘engendering trust’ as the main aim.

As a financial services provider, the company wants to welcome its clients in a modern, professional setting where they can discuss their finances in a calm setting with complete confidence. Besides discreet conversations, sitting comfortably and working healthily are crucial considerations.

How exactly did we tackle the complete furnishing of this financial services office?

  • We brought in the right seating solutions – and attention to ergonomics – for both staff and visitors, in a professional, stylish design that suited the company’s identity.
  • We ensured the reception area was comfortable, with attention to lighting and acoustics. Besides the benefits to the visitors, who immediately feel at ease, this also creates the calmness and continuity needed within the building.
  • We also paid the necessary attention to acoustics and lighting in the office spaces, to stimulate constructive, personal consultations.

Last but not least, we put the finishing touches to the complete furnishing of this financial service office by connecting the ground floor with the whole of the building.


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