24-hour chairs for the Federal Government

Thanks to our thorough specialisation in ergonomic office furniture and wellbeing at work, we can help organisations of all sizes on their way towards a healthy workplace. Following a government tender to award a framework contract, we had the opportunity to supply new 24-hour chairs to various federal government departments within this project.

Partnership with StolComfort

We teamed up with StolComfort for this contract, our logistical partner for 24/7 Svenstol chairs. They have been developing innovative seating solutions since 2014 that respond to the ergonomic needs of 24-hour workplaces.

These ergonomic chairs are suitable for almost every body shape and size. What’s more, they are used in an extremely wide range of sectors (firefighting and rescue services, police and airports, government departments and all kinds of industrial companies).

Benefits of the Svenstol 24-hour chair

As the exclusive Belgian distributor of the Svenstol chairs, we would like to highlight the many benefits of these 24-hour office chairs:

  • a good, relaxed seated posture,
  • dynamic sitting comfort,
  • MORE sitting comfort = LESS stress = HIGHER performance.

Everything delivered, from A to Z

Because our focus is always on the user, we listened to the customer’s specific needs and wishes. We figured out every aspect of this project, from A to Z, ensuring that each 24-hour chair was adjusted to perfection. Every user received the instructions and training they needed to adjust their chair correctly.

Besides the height of the arm rests and head rest, the pneumatic lower back support and the depth of the seat can be adjusted specifically to suit individual requirements.

The result is an incredibly comfortable chair that can stand up to extreme loads and shift work. This is our way of contributing to a healthy working environment in which relaxation, efficiency and sustainability are all present at optimal levels.

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