24/7 ergonomics with appropriate lighting

Ergonomics in the control room or alarm centre increase safety for the companies concerned.

Research by Matthew Walker and Dalena van Heughten has made us aware of the importance (in terms of health and safety) of sleep and the impact of light on our sleep.

Along with Knürr® Consoles – A Vertiv Company, we have developed a desk and video wall for control rooms or alarm centres that integrate essential ergonomic requirements as well as adjustable lighting for people who work around the clock.

  • Sit/stand function with sensor for screens ensuring pressure safety and vibration resistance.
  • Separate height and depth adjustment settings for control desk screens.
  • Screen arms designed for the new, large, heavy screens of the future.
  • Screens on the sound-absorbent video wall are also height-adjustable.
  • Accessible computer KVM system (that moves with the desk height) to prevent cables from getting stuck.
  • Specially developed individual lighting (4000K) (130-2600 lux).
  • Matching Svenstol S5 control desk chair to support dynamic work in the control room.

We have had extremely favourable results in national and international projects.

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